Saturday: February 15, 2020

Reference: Mark 8:1-10

Mark 8:4 And His disciples answered Him, “Where will anyone be able to find enough bread here in this desolate place to satisfy these people?”

Time and time again, we take up task and jobs that are not ours to do. Thus, our text today reinforces a reminder God often keeps sending our way, ‘Let me do what I do best – to move on our behalf’. A constant reminder of this is necessitated because we appear to forget that when what is approaching seems too big to handle, it is our clearest hint that it is His to deal with, not ours.

The background to today’s text is a familiar one where after three days of sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to Him teach, His audience had run out of food. Out of compassion, he did not want to dismiss them without offering them something to eat concerned that hunger they cause them to faint on their way home; so He turned to his disciples.

The dialogue between them is noticeably interesting because in their first response to Jesus’ concern, they used the word ‘Where’ – where are we going to find bread for this many people? They seemed to have come to the realisation that they had to ask him where they were going obtain the food from by throwing his concern back to him to figure out.

Jesus also readily responds ‘How many loaves do you have? The roles where thus clearly evident: the how to feed the people was Jesus’ to figure out, not the disciples, case closed. So I don’t know if you still moving up and about trying to figure things out by yourselves . Leave that job to God and do yours- Trusting Him absolutely.


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