Friday: February 14, 2020

Our modern society although appears fluid, is designed to operate with seasons: television shows, shopping discounts or sporting events are tailored to suit particular times of the year. Jesus’ birth is echoed immensely in the season of Christmas along with Christmas jumpers, and His death and resurrection trumpeted alongside Easter eggs. Do you follow the discourse so far?

Here is the case: we have so tied specific actions, items and events with particular seasons that outside these seasons, we see no reason to highlight them. Today in many parts of the world is ‘Valentine’s day’ and for many people, this is synonymous with love, chocolates and flower. For that single day, people will do extraordinary things, which is commendable in all regards.

The real issue is what happens after- when the day passes or when the season is ended, does the love and celebration also go away? This is where we need to rethink our approach. My dear, it isn’t that celebrating loved ones on days such as this is bad, the issue tabled here is a matter of continuity.

We can deduce from the word of God, which gives us clear examples that ‘true love’ is not seasonal. It is a continues celebration that is not limited solely to seasons. Simply put, you don’t need specific seasons, time frames or moments to show you love because like prayer, love transcends seasons.

Happy Valentine’s day and may your love, transcend seasons. 🙏


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