Tuesday: February 11, 2013

Reference: Mark 7:1-13

Penalty kicks present some of the most nervy, high stress and high tension moments in any football game. And they are taken about 11m from a goal post approximately 7m wide and 2.4 m high. It might be a bit of a shocker, but top spots for the most successful penalty takers in world football would be difficult to predict among fans of the 21st century because they are rather unpopular names.

Since we have began a class in football history, it is worth highlighting that these penalty takers rarely have the same approach to their kicks. Whether it is the panenka, the stutter step, the short run-up or the side foot, just to name a few; the best in the business each have their own style.

In the gathering of Pharisees and scribes described today, concerns were raised as to why the disciples of Jesus were not washing their hands before the meal, which for the Pharisees was a No, No! In effect, they questioned why they were not acting like every one else gathered. I believe that is a question we also wonder about sometimes: ‘why in some cases, others do not seem to follow the set up already established?’

There are usually many reasons but among them would be ‘because they know about a better alternative, they have insight others don’t, they have been instructed to do otherwise’ or simply, they want to stand out. Regardless of the choice, there is a reason why many don’t just follow blindly. So instead of standing back and passing judgment, why don’t you attempt to find out why? For all you know, their answers might change something in you or your interaction could bring them to better understanding perhaps, of why they also ought to follow.


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