Monday: February 10, 2020

Reference: Mark 6:53-56

Mark 6:54 As soon as they got out of the boat, the people recognized Jesus

Facial recognition involves a combination of cameras, software and sometimes databases to identify an individual using external features such as facial contours and proportions. Thus, it is clear that external features including posture, height, walking patterns largely play part in recognition.

It is reported that the people recognised Jesus, possibly using his external features and the twelve other men accompanying Him. But the actions that followed this recognition suggests they went further to also acknowledge who He was. Their recognition therefore went beyond external features and leaned towards what the man Jesus stood for. He was recognised as a Healer, hence even without prior contact, the sick were sought and presented to him.

Beloved, recognition has to extend beyond physical features, they have to zone in on what is inside also. For when we really recognise Jesus, then we can see him for who He really is: not just as a recruiter of fishermen or an eloquent speaker but as our Healer, friend, brother, provider, the list is endless.

Jesus may just have already arrived on your shores, but have you recognised and acknowledged His arrival as you should?


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