Sunday: 22nd December, 2019

Reference : Matthew 1:18-24

Matthew 1:24 So when Joseph woke up, he married Mary, as the angel of the Lord had told him to.

When students in school ask ‘when the best time is to do homework on a topic just taught, a fitting answer would depend on a number of factors but among them will be ‘when you are at home’. However, a suitable alternative could be ‘any free time closest to the lesson’ because when concepts are understood, further work helps to consolidate understanding and smoothen up uneven areas. Delays often means higher chances of forgetting.

Likewise, when instructions are transmitted for execution, majority of content is fresh in minds of its executor moments after they are given. It is, therefore, no surprise that most players are called ‘impact substitutes’ because the instructions received off the bench are fresh in their mind and so are better executed on the field of play.

In today’s text, one of many accounts in the Gospels regarding the birth of Jesus, Joseph moved to take Mary as his wife as soon as He awoke from the dream. He did not allow a moment to pass: he received a dream from God, he took it and began running with it. There was no room given for doubt to creep in nor a discussion with a third party for their input. It was from God and so his response was prompt and immediate.

Beloved, there are some instructions that have to be carried out the moment they are received. Some plans and dreams that demand immediate and prompt start for their execution because delays could influence their timely fulfilment. Therefore, walk with your laces well tied so that when you receive such instructions, you are ready to set off.


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