Sunday: 15th December, 2019

The third Sunday of Advent is referred to as ‘Gaudete’ or ‘rejoicing’ Sunday. On this day therefore, the concept of a half- filled or half- empty glass comes to mind. A similar story is told of two buckets at a well: one was always happy and the other, gloomy and sad. Upon interaction, one said they are sad because their life is empty as they go into the well. The second was happy because their life is full when coming out of the well.

The reality, however, is both buckets had the same life; the only difference is they were looking at it from alternative perspectives. The same thing may be going on in our lives depending on the perspectives we are looking at things. It is true that we may not yet have the perfect lives we are looking for: the dream job, dream home, ideal spouse or the talents others have which we wish we had. The list is endless.

With such a focus, what we are good at and what we already have is relegated to the sidelines. We simply ignore them. Beloved, life presents to us a mixed bag and what we make out of it often depends on the amount of our strength focused on finding missing pieces of the puzzle rather than assembling those we already have.

When a puzzle is part assembled, it is a lot easier to know which pieces are missing. So sweetheart, instead of running around looking for missing pieces, take some time to put the pieces you have in hand together. Your life is not empty, there are many good things in there. Perhaps, you may not have paid attention to them.


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