Friday: 13th December, 2019

Reference text: Isaiah 48:17-19

Isaiah 48:18 If only you had paid attention to my commands. Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.

‘Would have been’ and ‘could have been’ often hint at missed opportunities: if things had been a certain way, then outcomes would have been so. Usually, such words are taken as they are and hearers return to their status quo moaning and groaning about missed opportunities. Consequently, no immediate agenda is drawn up for change or improvement.

God’s word spoken through the prophet Isaiah are not merely expressions of missed opportunities, they are also indicators of new opportunity. They present an avenue to secure the attainment of benefits that would otherwise be missed when particular actions are adopted. We could therefore view them as instructions and a call to obedience, instead of plain mockery.

This alternative dimension should not surprise us because God is not one to go on rubbing missed opportunity in our faces. He rather stresses all the things we can have when we are rightly associated with Him and are obedient. Beloved, God presents new opportunities to us, not tease us about those ones we have missed.


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