Sunday: 24th November, 2019

I have recently noticed that I spend a relatively longer time under the shower in winter than when it’s warmer simply because I am just not ready to handle the ensuing cold when I turn the hot water off. To ensure balance, you might suggest I either spend more time in summer also or shorten my shower time in winter. But this morning though came to mind: ‘what is my attitude towards my faith as a Christian?’.

Although as Christians, we have knowledge of the ‘rain of God’s presence’, our actions do not always affirm this belief. Like entering the shower, the seasons or actives we were engaged in prior influence our length of stay. As Pope Francis highlights, we take on the role of part-time Christians- Christians only in certain moments, in certain circumstances, in certain and choices. But the reality is you really can’t be a Christian that way because you are Christians at all times.

Sweetheart, coming to faith hinges on knowing the TRUTH. But to the Christian, ‘truth is not something to be grasped, it is met. It is not a possession, it is an ongoing encounter with a person.’ My dear, faith is a full time job so the earlier we acknowledge this expectation, the better strapped in we will be for the whole journey.


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