Saturday: 23rd November, 2019

Reference text: Luke 20:27-40

Luke 20:31 Then the third brother married her. This continued with all seven of them, who died without children.

In statistical analysis of quantitative data, outliers can be referred to as values that do not follow the normal trend or recorded values. They are therefore treated with caution because they can have significant impact on analysis.

Todays text tells a story about seven brothers who got married to the same woman and each died without fathering any children. While this was story was made up to trap Jesus, the account draws our attention to a generational trend of barrenness and death. Interestingly, since all seven brothers succumbed to the same outcome, we could argue no one did anything about the situation.

Sweetheart, there are occasions when one has to step up and refuse to be part of the negative statistic or the expected outcome. In your situation, maybe the expected outcome is that you have gone high enough or lived healthily long enough because ‘no one studies beyond high school and everyone gets some illness disease at a certain age.’ That does not have to be the normal and cause us to live in fear expecting the very worst to arrive at our doorstep.

Sweetheart, we no longer belong to just any bloodline to be affected by generational mishaps. Our coming into God, with a believe in his son has guaranteed an alternative outcome if we claim it. So do not become or allow yourself to become one of those statistics because your outcome, has to be an outlier and not follow the expected script.

You are created for so much more- not to fit in, but to stand out. So stand tall.


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