Friday: 15th November, 2019

Reference text: Wisdom 13:1-9

Wisdom 13:1 The natural helplessness of human is seen in their ignorance of God

In the insertion of any invasive medical device, it is recommended that the maximum number of attempts made by any single health professional is limited to two. Beyond this, another colleague is needed and the reason for this is patient safety. However, as humans, we pride ourselves in success regardless of the number of attempts because we don’t want eyes watching to think we are incompetent or ignorant. That however may have some truth when we know no other way of executing a task.

The book of wisdom today uses a statement to highlight the effect of chronic ignorance: “human helplessness stems from ignorance of God”. The significance of those words cannot be downplayed because it is a fact that ignorance of anything, not just of God, makes us helpless. Simply, when you don’t know how things work, you miss out on a lot of benefits and are nearly powerless when they veer off script.

The use of God needs to draw our attention to more than just the divine because He represents the whole picture. He is the embodiment of all things: the creator behind all creation and the master crafter of all process. Therefore, knowledge of God gives one an edge in every sphere of life since we will not struggle to do things on our own when we know the body of knowledge at our disposal and the trove of help available to us.

Sweetheart, hard as it is to admit our ignorance, the bulk of the problems we face could be solved with ‘knowledge’. If we sought to know more, our lives would be very different. Let us therefore not remain ignorant of the things that we ought to know, especially our knowledge of God, because we would be the most helpless of believers if we are ignorant of who God is and what He represents in our lives.

Remember # the only solution to ignorance is knowledge, so gain some.


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