Thursday: 14th November, 2019

Somehow, I woke up this morning with a story heard years ago, but of unknown origin, in mind. This story records the account of three men who were desperate for a better life. After finding out about a city where their dream could be realised, they decided to pack up the very same day and set off.

Realising that they spoke no word of English in a city full of only English speakers, they made effort to learn a phrase each to be used in a specific sequence. These were the phrases: ‘we three men’, ‘because of money’ and ‘as you wish’.

A few hundred metres from their intended destination, they came across a dead body and stopped out of surprise and shock. They were subsequently surrounded by a dozen security officials and this is the conversation that ensued

Officer: Do you know who killed this man?
Man 1: “we three men”

Officer: Why did you kill him?
Man 2: “because of money”
Officer: Then I have to arrest all of you for murder.
Man 3: “As you wish”.

I am guessing right now you are probably in one of two places: laughing at them or saddened that such a perfect coincidence could arise. They had just admitted to a murder, provided a reason for their action and consented to being arrested for the crime – albeit, unknowingly.

The lesson for us is this: “Make no mistake because your desperation is no indicator of your readiness for a task”. You may be determined and feeling eager to get going, but don’t get too carried away. If you are not moving under divine instruction and you are not ready to move, stay put.


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