Wednesday: 23rd October, 2019

Reference text: Luke 12:39-48

Luke 12:43 Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.

A soccer team was trailing by two goals to nothing in 80th minute of a match. In desperate search for an equaliser, the goal keeper abandons the goal post and joins the offensive play. Eventually, the game ends with the goalie bagging a brace and his team going on to win by 3 goals to 2. Regardless, his manager fined him a fortnight’s pay and left him out of the match day squad for two consecutive weeks.

Do you agree with this action and its associated consequence?

Whether we agree with the manager’s decisions or not, one fact remains: ‘the goalie abandoned post’. On that account, even though a positive outcome resulted, there were issues with the approach. To us also, whenever we forget or ignore the individual roles we have in pursuit of other tasks, although we may succeed, we leave our own assigned tasks undone as a result.

The servant who is described as blessed is the one who is found at post doing what he had been told to do. This has very little to do with the killing of personal initiative but rather emphasises the need to know which tasks are top priority. You can do a lot of things, but if at the end of it all, if your assigned duties are not done, you achieve little.


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