Tuesday: 22nd October, 2019

When an idea is proposed, people’s opinion can be broadly put into three categories: those for, those against and the neutrals. Often, the first two categories have larger population sizes.

The word of God contains a list of many DON’Ts which are intended to guide our actions; these are to be embraced by the Christian. However, there is a longer list of DOs which need to be evident in our day to day lives. Sadly, the modern Christian is often a louder proponent of all the things they stand against than what they stand for.
Simply put:

“We are better known for what we are against than what we are for”

In summarising the key commandments, Jesus appears to ignore all the don’ts and presents only two ‘dos’: love God and love your neighbour. That should send us a message. Beloved, it isn’t that our stance on the things we are against should not be known, but they should not shroud the showing off of what we are for.

Therefore, instead of just highlighting your dislike for war, show off a life of peace. Instead of just highlighting the wrong that shouldn’t be done, be an example of the good that should be. It’s time for the Christian to be reoriented to be seen by what we are for and not just what we are against.


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