Friday: 6th September, 2019

Reference text: Luke 3:33-39

Luke 5:34 And he said unto them, Can ye make the children of the bride chamber fast, while the bridegroom is with them?

A wedding feast is one where the expectation is that joy and happiness overflows hence, any guest would be expected to join in the festivities. Simply, if you are interested in fasting, a wedding is not the place for you. Today’s text therefore presents a challenge which I believe should be considered because it is one that seems rather interesting if a decision is made to answer it.

We can look at Jesus’ question this way: ‘what would it take to turn a very joyful event into one to be written off? What would be needed to cause others to lose the joy they have when they shouldn’t? While reflecting on this, I thought ‘

it actually takes very little effort to flip the coin’- the coin that might cause a wedding guest to choose fasting over feasting.

Sweetheart, change can be very sudden and while wedding guests aren’t expected to fast, it requires only a small trigger to influence change in that direction. A thought, a word, an action as well as other things that happen within or without can influence change rapidly and joy can be lost very quickly.

So while thinking about the answer to the question Jesus asked, we need to bear in mind that little effort may be required to lose our joy. Let’s be mindful.


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