Sunday : 18th August, 2019

Reference text: Jeremiah 38:4-6,8-10

Jeremiah 38:5,10 Zedekiah the king said, very well, then, Do what you want to with him, I can’t stop you … Then the king commanded Ebed-Melech the Ethiopian, saying, “Take from here thirty men with you, and lift Jeremiah the prophet out of the dungeon before he dies.”

King Zedekiah leaves me a little confused with his actions today. One moment, he appears powerless in the face of those who wanted Jeremiah dead and moments later, turns into his saviour by issuing a command to have him rescued from the miry pit before he died. So I wondered: ‘where did he really stand?’

There are times when the actions of others leave us in a state of confusion as we are not sure what their real stances are: whether they are for us or against us, if they want our good or if they will be happy to see our downfall.

We are sort of in a place where we can’t tell whether to walk with confidence because ‘someone has our back’ or to tread cautiously as though we walk on hot coals.

It becomes difficult to decide this especially when the actions of others are inconsistent, unpredictable and changing as rapidly as leaves swaying to the song of the wind. Although things improve overtime making it easier to see a trend or a pattern to know those clearly on our team and those who aren’t, change is human nature.

On the other hand, God does not put us in such a position. He tells us exactly where He is: always on our team and in the exact same spot, knocking on the doors of our heart. He always acts in our interest and for our good and He is the God who changes not.

So all the factors that might cause us to walk in uncertainty are now replaced with clarity and sense of direction because God makes it so.


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