Saturday: 3rd August, 2019

Reference text: Leviticus 25:1,8-17

Leviticus 25:12 You shall not plant your fields or harvest grain that grows by itself or gather grapes in your pruned vineyards. The whole year shall be sacred for you; you shall eat only what the fields produce of themselves

When we hear of the things people are asked to do or have done in the name of ‘whatever’, it isn’t uncommon to stand in utter amazement. Even sometimes, we become so shell- shocked and can’t help but say ‘this is ridiculous. Yeah, absolutely crazy and makes no sense, at least not to someone in the right frame of mind.’

I sort of found myself thinking like many would and even burst out laughing, although sarcastically, at what the Israelites were asked by God to do in the fiftieth year. It sounded rather like a very big joke, only it wasn’t one. To tell a farmer to put off sowing and harvesting for an entire year is the equivalent of saying ‘go hungry this year’ especially when there is no inclusive clause to encourage the storage of crops the year before.

Yet, Israel were told to do just that: ‘Don’t sow or harvest the entire year, but eat only what the fields produce of themselves’. Now that, is a big deal. But as I paused for a moment to think about the person who made this request, I realised I was gone way ahead of myself for God is not one who requires the impossible nor does He push His own into hardship.

He never makes a proposal unless there is a plan, an intention and the ability to see it through.

So surely, He was able to ensure that the fields would provided for His people throughout the year even without their sowing. Beloved, you may have received some ‘ridiculous’ instructions from God, but the truth is if they come from Him, then don’t be afraid to comply because there is always a plan in motion.


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