Friday; 2nd August, 2019

Matthew 13:58 And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.

In his hometown, Jesus could not do much because of their lack of faith. Very often, we have drawn a link between faith, prayer and receiving answers to prayer. Thus as I read the Gospel text, these paragraphs in Charles’ Spurgeon’s message ‘True Prayer, True Power’ came to mind’. He writes:

“But we must have faith in this; we must believe prayer to be what it is, or else it is not what it should be. Unless I believe my prayer to be effectual, it will not be, for on my faith will it to a great extent depend. God may give me the mercy even when I have not faith; that will be His own sovereign grace, but He has not promised to do it.

But when I have faith and can plead the promise with earnest desire, it is no longer a probability as to whether I shall get the blessing, or whether my will shall be done. Unless the Eternal one will swerve from His word, unless the oath that He has given shall be revoked, and He Himself shall cease to be what He is, ‘We know that we have the petitions that we desired of him(1 John 5:15)”

The intercessory ministry to which I belong in this month of August has the theme ‘Say a word and it shall be done’- this morning, I had a first hand manifestation of what that could mean. So sweetheart, make prayer what it should be and believe that when you speak, God hears. Declare a word in faith, and it shall be done for God will respond to every effectual prayer made in faith unless He swerves from His word.


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