Sunday: 28th July, 2019

Reference text: Genesis 18:20-32

‘It’s because of you’: on many of the occasions we hear these words spoken by others, they are used as a prefix or suffix to accord blame, owing to an unfavourable outcome. Rarely are those words used to commend and applaud, almost as though is forgotten that it can be a two sided coin, with the ability to hurt or to heal. The simple truth is ‘those three words can have a profound impact on whoever they are spoken to regardless of how the ya re usee.

Each of us have our own stories, some of which are hard to share because they leave us heart broken. I do not know yours, but I know you have your tale, your experiences. I know there may have been moments when your presence or absence was deemed the cause of everything that went wrong, I know you may have been told that you are to blame, that it is your fault and that it is ‘because of you’.

Sweetheart, remember from the start I told you those words are a two sided coin. Therefore, I also know that:

Because of you, someone was comforted;
Because you prayed, someone was saved;
Because of you, doors have been opened to others;
Because you believed, someone dared to dream and
Because of you, generations will continue to be blessed.

Do you still think you are to blame and that you really are insignificant? Do you still think that you are here on earth to do others a favour? Then think again because the good things that have happened and will continue to happen ‘BECAUSE OF YOU’ mean you are very much in the right place. So don’t believe otherwise.


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