Monday: 20th May, 2019

1st reading: Acts 14:5-18

Acts 14:5-6 When Paul and Barnabas learned of a plot to incite a mob of Gentiles, Jews, and Jewish leaders to attack and stone them, they fled for their lives, going to the cities of Lycaonia, Lystra, Derbe, and the surrounding area.

‘To take the bull by the horns’ is a call to stand fast and face a difficult situation Head-on. The logic makes sense because it is a terrible idea to turn your back on a bull charging at you. But then when there is an opportunity to get away from this very situation without having to put up a fight, would you take it or play the bravado card? Would you risk being labelled a coward or be referred to as a matyr?

Situations like these usually challenge a number of the things we believe and make our choices even harder. The Apostles faced the prospect of danger and imminent death, therefore charged with the message of proclaiming the Gospel, would it have been a good idea to remain put and lose their lives for the message? Why did they run away and not fight?

What we need to realise is what they run away from was not a fight, it was an execution. We might think that stepping away from some situations is a show of weakness, an expression of our inability to face challenges or a lack of faith in our own potential. In the case of the Apostles, one might even add it suggested an abandonment of God and the Gospel.

Sweetheart, there are some situations from which God himself provides an escape route, some confrontations He would have us avoid entirely. Not because we CANNOT face them, but because we SHOULD NOT. In this regard, He gives information and it falls on us to choose to act or to stay put. Digging your heels in is not something you do in every situation, there are those when walking towards the exit is the right call.


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