Wednesday: 1st May, 2019

Reference text: Acts 5:17-26

Acts 5:23 We found the prison securely locked and the guards standing at the doors, but when we opened them we found no one inside.”

Magic! That is what we say when we can’t seem to find any logical explanation for things that appear out of nowhere or disappear into thin air right before our eyes. This criteria might exactly fit the bill for the officers who went to the prison to bring the Apostles before the Council. Their report sounded rather implausible: ‘everything was in its place but there was no one inside the prison when we opened the door’.

As I looked at the events, I realised that ‘everything was indeed in its place’ and the the only reason the prison was also empty was because the Apostles were in the wrong place. Thus, their translocation justified the words – ‘everything was in its place’. This event was unlike Peter’s rescue from prison with dazzling light and doors flying open before him(Acts 12), this was a different statement of intent by God.

Beloved, sometimes in our lives, all God does is a little tweak: a change in position, a change of name, a word of approval or a burning question laid on our hearts. However, He leaves every other thing intact like we see today. Those small and apparently minor changes, then sets us along the path to bigger victories and greater laurels.

So don’t only set your mind on just something big because sometimes, the miracle you need is achievable with just a small change. You can expect God to do what He deems best, even if that means leaving everything else untouched. But you can be certain that the one tiny tweak He will make, will be that single item needed for your breakthrough because that is what He does, and that is who He is.


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