Tuesday: 2nd April, 2019

Reference text : John 5:1-16

John 5:5 And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.

The Gospel describes the pool of Bethesda as having five porches filled with ‘multitudes’ of sick people. In the language of scripture, ‘multitudes’ makes reference to large numbers hence, an alternative construction could be ‘crowds’ of sick people filled the porches. If I am being generous therefore, should each porch contain an average of fifty people, there would have been an estimated 250 individuals attempting to make their way to the pool each time the waters were stirred.

It should therefore not be a big surprise to us that the man Jesus met, had been waiting around for 38 years. Even on the basis of the assumption that no new person joined his Cohort over time, his chances of making it to the pool stood at less than abysmal 1% at each stirring of the water. Mathematically, he could be waiting around his entire lifetime and still not have made it to the pool.

On paper, those were not good odds for anyone who fell into the category of blind, lame or paralysed – the group of people found in the porches. In spite of those odds, this man stayed put. Now, don’t get the wrong idea: he did not remain because he had become comfortable, he remained because he saw the pool as his best chance of getting better hence, he awaited his opportunity to get in.

My dear, there are two categories: those who stay put and do nothing because they have given up, and others who await the chance for a breakthrough at a set location. With the information available to him, until Jesus appeared, the pool was all he could see- it was his only field of opportunity. You may have an entirely different scope available because Jesus starts the walk with you. So only stay put when He prompts you to and not because you have thrown in the towel.


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