Monday: 1st April, 2019

Reference text: Isaiah 65:17-21

Isaiah 65:21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them.

People are awarded posthumously when their acts of bravery result in the saving of other lives at the cost of their own. We may not have paid attention to this, but for their meritorious deeds, they are acknowledged in the presence of everybody else but in their own absence and that is sad.

The word of God to Israel is one that aimed at giving them some comfort. As a nation, their frequent disregard for His word often led them into trouble with consequences such as frequent wars which eventually resulted in their exile. Thus, at this time, there was hardly any time to peacefully inhabit their dwellings or enjoy the fruits of their vineyards.

In the provision for a new Heaven and a new earth therefore, God takes the above into account and offers a promise to His people ‘they will now build and dwell within, plant crops and eat the fruits thereof.’ He meant to let them know that they would literally ‘enjoy the fruits of their labour’. In our day, this image may not directly apply to us, but in context, we can imagine what it means for God to say to us: “you will live out all your days and enjoy the works of your hands.”

Sadly, in spite of this promise, many still live anxiously on the edge and from a distance, their life’s journey appears to be a long and tedious walk taking place on a thin sheet of ice. Every step is taken with so much fear of the unknown and a constant worry of what will be next. In effect, promises mean little regardless of who they come from.

Beloved, when thoughts like these become rooted in our minds, the enemy gains grounds upon which to launch any assault. Hence, the word of God echoes again, resounding from the heights of the Heavens saying – “FEAR NOT because I, your God, guarantees you this: you will plant and eat, you will build and dwell in”. So like King David, until the length of your days are FULFILLED, you can expect God to be the guarantor of your life.

Remember # you are going nowhere until you have really lived as God desires you to.


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