Friday: 15th March, 2019

Reference text: Matthew 5:20-26

Matthew 5:25 “If someone brings a lawsuit against you and takes you to court, settle the dispute while there is time, before you get to court. Once you are there, you will be turned over to the judge, who will hand you over to the police, and you will be put in jail.

Most civil lawsuits often come with what one may call ‘a compromise’ : an out of court settlement which aims to eliminate the need for a judge to make the final ruling on a matter. It is therefore not uncommon for many lawyers to present this alternative to their clients in a bid to avoid a lot of legal hurdles later on. The Gospel today sheds some light on this approach to matters.

The standout statements in today’s verse include ‘settle the dispute while there is time’ and ‘before you go to court’. Thus, we are given a viable window within which to make a move before matters escalate. By inference then, the idea of ‘doing something about issues before they blow out of proportion’ is not just applicable to lawsuits because it can be extrapolated to many other areas of life.

The reality is many issues are best dealt with while they are still ‘small’ and less likely to cause significant damage. However, fuelled by a quest for adventure or a rush of adrenaline, we seem to enjoy the prospect of tackling big issues. Hence, we ignore ‘small matters’ and their potential for expansion, forgetting that a tiny hole may be all that is needed to sink a ship.

My dear, situations that usually get out of hand are those that were once considered too small to be worried about. Consequently, the window to do something’ about them passes away and with that comes associated consequences. So, however unpleasant it may be, make effort to deal with issues before they get out of hand.


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