Wednesday: 20th February, 2019

Reference text: Genesis 8:6-13,20-22

Genesis 8:7 and Noah sent out a raven. It did not come back, but kept flying around until the water was completely gone.

Today’s text is set in the time immediately after the floods, when the surface of the earth was still covered with water. Noah therefore sends out two birds, a raven and a dove, one after the other to see if there was any dry land. At first glance, we can infer that Noah trusted that what a raven could do, the dove also could hence the same task was assigned to both.

However, a careful look will reveal that the decision to send out the dove was necessitated by the single fact that the raven did not return. While it is a fact that ravens prefer to go solo, that does not help its case much given that the completion of the task assigned was not verifiable. While it just kept flying around till the waters receded, the dove returned to the Ark.

You could argue that both decisions were made by the birds because it is hardwired into their fabric, nonetheless, there is a central issue at play here: the fact that feedback is needed. While
feedback of any form may be seen by some as unimportant, for many others, it is the one thing which determines their future course of action. I can clearly say that but for the detailed feedback I received on one of my essays, subsequent ones would most likely have been below par.

My dear, feedback doesn’t have to be multiple pages long to be impactful: it could be as little as an acknowledgement of receipt whether of an email or a message, even a simple response to a question. So do not withhold feedback and to everyone that offers you some, be grateful.


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