Wednesday : 16th January, 2019

Reference text: Mark 1:29-39

Mark 1:38 Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.”

Consider the range of items that will be contained in the list of the things:
1. we must do
2. we should be doing
3. we shouldn’t be doing
4. others want us to do
5. we can do

We can go on using alternative phrases and other modal verbs to extend this list even further, but will our perusal of the contents on that list be affected in any way? Will there be overlaps on the list? If so, which will be highest on our priority?

The things we naturally want to do are usually those things that we enjoy: those things that make us laugh, create fond memories and that does not warrant a big cost on our part. Often, the things we really want to do, are to satisfy our curiosity. Then creeps in the things others want us to do. While ‘others’ make it less personal and can make us think it is for their benefit and not ours, this isn’t always the picture.

As we read today, the disciples sought Jesus because his reputation had spread and ‘everybody was looking for Him’- good thing for Him. He was thus presented with an opportunity to do what every one else wanted, but declined that offer in preference for what He had to do. Note that the request made was an acceptable one since He had been healing and casting out demons, nothing wrong with doing more of that.

However, as a matter of priority, there was something else to be done, another task that superceded the proposal he received- ‘the reason for which He had come’. My dear, sometimes, we are unwilling to refuse offers or invitations out of fear of offending others but as long as we can only be in one place at any given time, we need to learn to say NO sometimes. Ultimately, there will be assignments that cannot and need not be put off for others.

Remember# you can’t always say YES


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