Tuesday: 15th January, 2019

Reference text: Hebrews 2:5-12

Hebrews 2:8 When God placed everything under the son of man, He didn’t leave out anything. Maybe we don’t see all that happening yet

At the moment, the top hits when one conducts a search on America will probably be ‘a wall’ or ‘government shut down’. Not that both words represent a situation that has a direct bearing on this message, but the latter has been pmade possible by a key concept that is defied in today’s text: the principle of separation of powers. Modern democracy has within its fundamental principles, checks and balances, a way of ensuring that all the power available does not fall into the hands of a single person.

Therefore, when God mentions authority, we need to read his vocabulary somewhat differently because the wielder of that authority is Himself. Hence, we should have no concerns with the amount of authority entrusted into the hands of Jesus: which was ‘ALL of it’. In his own words ‘All power in heaven and earth has been given unto me(Matthew 28:18)’.

The statement which concludes the main verse of today’s text, should give us some food for thought: ‘why don’t we see all that happening? – a situation where all things are practically subjected to Jesus? On this account, we will come to the realisation that the answer lies with us and not with God. All authority may have been given, but we seem to be holding back on some of the authority we wield.

Because we desire to be masters of our very own lives, we are not completely subjected to the authority of Jesus. We don’t like to surrender because like drivers, we like to have our very own hands on the steering wheel to determine the course of our journey. Great as that sounds, we are limited because our view while at the wheel is only a few metres ahead. Sweetheart, why not let go of the wheel and allow the one who sees the whole journey do the driving while you assist.

Remember # don’t make God your assistant-you do the following.


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