Friday: 11th January, 2019

Reference text: Luke 5:12-16

Luke 5:15 -16 Now the report of his power spread even faster and vast crowds came to hear him preach and to be healed of their diseases. But he often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

Recently, I read news of a fan who climbed on top of a team bus as a protest. The result was another bus had to transport members of the team to their game. Unless one’s conviction is very solid therefore, it is difficult to stage a solo demonstration. That gives us some idea of why riots and demonstrations tend to draw large numbers. While some may have the conviction, they lack the courage to step up. So where a crowd is involved, hurray, they are in business!

Beloved, if you seek the perfect place to ‘lose yourself’, it is in the midst of a crowd. Not apart from the crowd, emphasis: ‘amidst the crowd’. Thus, one thing we often see Jesus do in the Gospels was to isolate himself from big crowds. He would teach, feed, correct and rebuke them, but never really remained in the crowd.

While some gatherings like a fellowship of believers or family can strengthen faith and promote peace, many other crowds can corrupt. Not just morals, but identity, personality, attitudes and ideals. One can appear ‘another person’, almost unrecognisable in the midst of the wrong crowd. So sweetheart, are you drifting into such company? If you sense you are, now may be good time to take a step back.

A crowd may not number hundreds to thousands as we might be imagining, it could be only a handful. But the impact of that few, can alter the course of one’s life.

# Don’t hide behind the crowd and
# Don’t lose yourself amidst the crowd


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