Saturday: 5th January, 2019

Reference text: John 1:43-51

John 1:46 And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.

The best way to win a debate, is often to make convincing arguments using a wide range of vocabulary. Most of the time, the team which makes the most detailed rendition of their points carry the day. On other occasions, what really does seem like a debate, is just an attempt to get others to alter a set way of thinking. Such debates often turn into violent arguments to see who comes out top.

This was the possible situation between Philip and Nathaniel. The latter had in his mind that nothing good could come out of Nazareth and instead of Philip giving him a lecture to convince him otherwise, he only spoke three words ‘come and see’. He invited Nathaniel to have an experiential encounter to inform any future thought processes, and that proved more effective. As we see, after meeting Jesus for the first time, his mind was already set on a path of change pronouncing Jesus as ‘Son of God and the King of Israel’ (vs 49)

Beloved, words have their place and when it is their moment, nothing beats the impact they can have. However, there are moments when people need something more than just words: they require an experience, an encounter; one moment that brings them into close contact with the person of Jesus. After which no more words will be needed to make them understand.

In spite of his preset ideology, Nathaniel was still ready to ‘go and see’: he was ready for another experience. Like the vast unexplored riches of the ocean, many of the faces of God remains unexplored. We may have seen many dimensions after years of journeying with Him, but there remains even deeper riches yet to be discovered. So my dear, do not be too quick to close off the avenues that guide us into the deep things of God.

Remember# don’t be afraid to ‘go and see’ when God invites you.


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