Friday: 4th January, 2019

Reference: John 1:35-42

John 1:38a The two disciples heard him and went after Jesus. Jesus looked over his shoulder and said to them, “What are you after?”

When someone begins to be good, I mean really good to us, we often become a bit apprehensive and begin to wonder if all they want to do is just be good. Therefore, we ask questions to make sure we are not involved in any shady business that will later require that we give something. We ask the very same question Jesus asked the two disciples who followed, although in many variants: ‘what do you really want?’, ‘what do you seek’ or as the message renders it ‘What are you after?’

This is because many hardly give without expecting anything back, or simply put, people rarely do stuff for free these days. This is even evident in our journey God because we can be asked the same question by the Lord: ‘what are you after’ Why have you made the decision to follow me? Some followed Jesus for bread, others followed because they saw him as the one to lead a paradigm shift against oppression and even some, because they expected rewards at the end of it all.

So I ask you:’ why do you follow?’ Why have you made the intentional decision to be a disciple of Jesus? After careful reasoning? Did you weigh any pros and cons? Is your decision to escape the wrath to come or could it be for the sole reason that you’re in love with Him? Sweetheart, I do not know the story you have which drew you into this fellowship with God, but once you have arrived, you only need to be in love with Him.

All the things you want to receive, all the things you have run away from towards God, are now his responsibility. Therefore, do not let ‘distractions’, cloud the love you ought to have.

Remember# just be in love with Jesus so that when asked ‘what you are after’, you can confidently respond ‘I am here to love and be loved’ .


Do comment with your story about how you found fellowship with God. I am sure we will be blessed reading. God bless you.

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