Monday: 31st December, 2018

I awoke around noon today, peeped out the window and seeing no sunlight, I resigned myself to accept the fact that the very last day of 2018 will be one of those gloomy and moody ones. However, upon checking the news, I saw fireworks go off in Auckland and realised ‘oh, some are already in the new year’. So when I was asked what I looked forward to in the new year, my response seemed rather modest ‘I am looking forward to a good year’.

# So, if I dare ask you the same question: ‘what do you look forward to in the new year?’

Many times, we cross our arms and sit back only looking forward to things and do nothing. I know for a fact that my 2019 will be a busy year, but I expect it to be a good one. For that to happen, although my trust in the God who has guaranteed my entrance into the new year will be unwavering, I still know I have a part to play.

Many of us will run to the drawing board with plans on investment, weight loss or gain, promotions, improving grades, changing habits or embracing and maintaining relationships. We can surely look forward to all these, but not by standing and idly watching.

Sweetheart, this is a truth: ‘you cannot sit back and expect God to do by miracle what you should do by responsibility’ that’s how it works. Therefore, every resolution remains just a string of words until one makes conscious effort to translate them into reality.

So whatever is good, whatever is acceptable, whatever is the perfect will of God for your life, I pray He guides you into being perfectly positioned to receive it. But mind you, when you stand at its threshold, do not fold your arms because looking forward to something, is no guarantee of its arrival when you do nothing.

Remember # The new year will be a good one, with many glorious victories: but those who stand watching, will only keep looking forward to things.

It has been an amazing journey with God and with every who has read my posts over the year. Do comment with what you look forward to in the new year and let’s expect God to move mightily in our lives.



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