Friday: 21st December, 2018

Reference text: Luke 1:39-45

Luke 1:43 Why should this great thing happen to me, that my Lord’s mother comes to visit me?

The Stanford prison experiment is described as one of the most controversial studies in social psychology conducted in the 20th Century. Its aim in plain language, was to determine what actually happens when people who have not had much power, suddenly find themselves in a situation where they are armed with great power over others. The results, although from an incomplete experiment, only buttressed the generalised conclusion that ‘power corrupts’.

Not just morals, but a person’s entire character can be lost when drunk with power. However, that is not supposed to be an expected outcome: as though to make a conclusive statement to the effect that ‘once a person gains power, they must become corrupted’. Often, those who claim ‘greater important and wield the most power’, want others to know this. Hence, they do their best to create distinct boundaries, put up mountains or even multiple layers of blockade.

Nonetheless, while others go about doing that, there are those who like Mary, prefer to scale mountains and build bridges so they can stand on par with others regardless of their status. Not that doing so diminishes their status or authority by any amount, it only goes to say: ‘I remain human hence, I am to be defined by my humanity, not my superiority.’ Mary had been accorded a status so grand that if she opted to stay at home and be served, she would deserve it. Yet, she travelled across mountains to visit Elizabeth.

Sweetheart, we tend to forget that we ‘wield power’ and ‘we are not wielded by power’. Maybe that is what we seem to have lost track of, a starting point to which we all must return.

Remember # ‘we wield power, we are not wielded by power’


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