Thursday: 20th December, 2018

Reference text: Luke 1:26-38

Luke 1:36 Behold, even your relative Elizabeth has conceived a son in her old age; and the one who was called barren is six months pregnant

When someone attains a great feat for which they expect to be applauded and commended, the last thing they expect to hear are the words: ‘even I could do that’. Often, although we say it harmlessly, the presence of the word ‘EVEN’ changes the dynamic of the whole statement. It presents those words as saying: “there is nothing special about what you did so why be celebrated?”. For many, that can take a chunk off their confidence, enthusiasm and desire to attain any more; knowing that they will not be celebrated.

However, in the visit of Mary by the Angel Gabriel today, that same word ‘EVEN’, is used for a different purpose. It was used to move Mary to believe and not doubt. We notice that Mary’s YES to God, came after information was given about Elizabeth’s pregnancy. It is thus probable that Mary was not expecting such news, hence the reason God specifically threw it into the mix.

To draw us to believe the impossible, we ask for evidence – why? Because we are naturally creatures of the senses. God however does respond to the level of faith we have, draws upon that and helps us to grow. Elizabeth’s pregnancy was the ‘evidence’ needed to cause Mary to say to herself: ‘even if Lizzy can get pregnant at her old age, then these words could also be true so’ Hence her words: ‘I am the Lord’s handmaid, be it be done to me according to your word.’

Elizabeth’s story was probably not the first story of a barren woman Mary had heard of – Sarah and Hannah preceded her. But it was Lizzy’s particular situation that confirmed Mary’s faith and gave her reason to say Yes. Often we look too far away, but the testimonies of those closest to us ought to also give us sufficient reason to believe and grow in faith because the impossible, is made possible with God right before our eyes.

Remember # Don’t look too far because there are testimonies close to home.


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  1. This post reminds me of the various versions of the Bible. Take John 3:16, there’s a specific reason the KJV says that those who believe in Jesus “should not” perish. Whereas many other versions will say “shall not”. One word changes the entirety of the whole scripture! And can turn the truth of the Word of God into a lie.

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