Monday: 3rd December, 2018

Reference text: Psalm 122

Psalm 122:1 When they said, “Let’s go to the house of God,” my heart leaped for joy.

For some, receiving a VIP pass to watch their favourite team play or to watch an artist they like in concert, is the near equivalent of winning a lottery.
When you throw in the possibility of an exclusive invitation to a rather restricted event, then one is in serious business. However, on all accounts, an invitation to enter the house of God should not be one that called for any over the top celebrations because, the doors to the house of God, are normally always open. But to David, that invitation called for rejoicing.

Most versions render this text using the opening: ‘I was glad or I rejoiced’, but the message version rendered above, adds a bit of clarity as to the manner and degree of rejoicing described here. We can compare David’s words ‘my heart leapt for joy’, to those of Elizabeth when she heard Mary’s greeting: ‘the baby in my womb leapt for joy’. Hence, the question: what was David rejoicing about?

We can have two answers: he may have been rejoicing that he had the chance to encounter God or because he had others around him who would invite him into the presence of God. Concerning the latter, although we often take it for granted, those around us can very easily set us on a course to destruction with the kind of invitation they throw our way.

Like David, we ought to also be delighted that we find ourselves surrounded by people who will point us to God. Those who will ask us first, if we have prayed and pray for us even when we have not asked them to. In the company of such, indeed our hearts can leap for joy.

Remember # you stand in a good place when you have people who lead you to God.


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