Monday: 1st October, 2018

Reference text: Job 1:6-22

Job 1:11 But put forth thine hand now, and touch all that he hath, and he will curse thee to thy face.

Whenever we develop a strong sense of attachment to people or things, we just dislike any idea that suggests sharing in any way, shape or form. We get hyper-defensive and show a degree of aggression when an approach is made. Considering the suggestion put forward, I bet that was the intention of the enemy. He expected Job to act the very same way everybody else does when they lose their priced possessions: throw tantrums.

We notice that in His description of Job, the image God had in mind was that of ‘a man who fears the Lord and avoided evil. However, the enemy had a whole different picture of who Job was. He saw him as nothing more than a man who was serving God because he was satisfied with wealth and many good things. Therefore, even after all the plaudits God rained on Job, the devil was not only convinced, in fact; he went as far as putting it to God that ‘if He dared strike where Job’s wealth was, he would have no problem raining curses, not plaudits, to God’s face’.

Beloved, we are in an age where the single chorus that resonates with many is: ‘take a man’s wealth and he is nothing more’. We seem to have fallen for the notion that all there is to life is money, wealth and riches – in this regard, each meaning one and the same thing: material possessions. The very things that can be lost.

Sweetheart, this opening to the book of Job ought to draw our minds to that unchanging reality: that there is a lot more to this life we have than just wealth.


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