Sunday: 23rd September, 2018

Reference text : Mark 9:30-37

Mark 9:30 And they departed thence, and passed through Galilee; and he would not that any man should know it.

I chanced upon an image sometime ago: it told the story of a lady who on an isolated stretch of road, had just managed to crawl out of the wreckage of a bad car crush. Bloodied and barely conscious, she opted to find her mobile phone to update her social media profile. She posted a picture of herself leaning against the wreckage along with the words ‘look what just happened to me?’

That picture, tells the story of many, considering the current state of affairs. In today’s world, information remains a strong weapon. Thus, it is crucial to monitor how much we give out and to whom. Jesus’ decision to ensure that nobody else knew the path he took was because he wanted to teach his disciples. The lesson or information he offered then, was for their ears only and no one’s. That is one of thing many don’t understand.

We tend to be of the view that everything we do or want to do, has to be known by or announced to the rest of the world. In instances, our satisfaction stems from our knowledge of how many have seen and know about everything we have been up to. Beloved, not every action of ours must be heralded from rooftops. The reason for this is not because we don’t want others to share in our joy, but because a particular season we find ourselves in, calls for it.

Therefore, it is perfectly okay not to go viral with every decision we make or every action we take. Likewise, it is equally alright to keep some people outside the loop of particular conversations or projects. Sweetheart, when the parameters of the season facilitates this, don’t be afraid to take a path that keeps you away from the eyes of the world. God has His eyes on you, so you will be alright.

Remember # it is the eyes of God over you that matters, not that of the world.


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