Saturday : 22nd September, 2018

Reference text: Luke 8:4-15

Luke 8:7 And some [seed] fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.

In Ghana, when someone says ‘they will match you boot for boot’, they mean to alert you of very strong competition. Such people are not to be underestimated because in the most literal sense of these words, ‘they will go the whole way with you’. It matters not if both of you are on the same level of experience or potential, what really matters is that your attention is drawn to the fact that you are not going for a walk in the park; so stay on top of things.

However, as believers, we seem to have gotten really comfortable in every environment that we no longer pay attention to the areas within which we are planted. We expect a smooth, uninterrupted establishing and that is where we begin to find ourselves in real trouble. In the parable of the sower, when those seed fell among thorns, the thorns didn’t go like ‘guys, good seed has arrived so let’s leave the soil for them so they grow well’.

Rather, they mobilised and sprung up together with the good seed’, even going as far as chocking the very life out of them. One truth remains: the fact that you as a believer strive to expand your tents, does not mean everyone else will stand back and watch or cheer you on. They will also mobilise to compete fairly or even play dirty if they have to.

My dear, as your bases expand and you set your eyes on gaining ground as God sets them before you, the scope of opposition, trials and temptations you will face also enlarges. God has never promised an easy path on our journey, but the assurance of His presence should grant us the boldness to also match every tribulation ‘boot for boot’. Regardless of how much these thorns choke, they can never choke out the God-life we have inside.

Remember # wherever you find yourself, know that you are created to last. Not only will you survive, but even amidst thorns, you will THRIVE.


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