Monday, 25th June, 2018

Reference text: 2 Kings 17:5-8,13

2 Kings 17:5 Then the king of Assyria came up throughout all the land, and went up to Samaria, and besieged it three years.

In the context of warfare, to make the decision to lay siege to an entire country is a big deal because it meant a certain confidence in ones own military to withstand the assault itself without significant loses. The King of Assyria was successful in doing it across a large expanse of land for three long years, until he was victorious.

We could make the case that this was possible because Israel had sinned and strayed, thus were delivered up into the hands of their enemies. However, let’s take nothing away from the Assyrian army for their effective planning and judicious use of whatever resources they had to keep Israel and Samaria pegged back.

Regardless, the Israel and Samaria, who were under siege also have something to boast about- they stood firm for three solid years. Their resources may have been depleted, their citizens starving, yet they were not going to offer victory on a silver platter to their adversaries. They may have ultimately lost, but they will have the boldness to say to future generations ‘we put up a good fight’.

My dear, sometimes such are the situations we encounter in life. We are battered on all sides with the intention of causing us to cave in after a few blows. Israel and Assyria were besieged for three years, but they held on. All possible exits were closed off, and they were caught between a rock and a hard place, yet they stood firm, even when they had no one to look up to after abandoning God.

Our story is different – we have a hope to look forward to – a God who is ever ready to respond when we call. So my dear, life may have laid siege at your door- but don’t just give in or give up- God will come to the rescue.

Remember # we may be pressed in from every side, but we are not crushed; because our redeemer lives and we can face tomorrow.


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