Sunday: 24th June, 2018

Reference: Luke 1:57-66,80

Luke 1:61 And they said unto her, There is none of thy kindred that is called by this name.

There is a protocol for nearly every process that takes place in the hospital such as: if A fails, proceed to B or if A is in progress, then prepare for B. A classical example is the monitoring of vital signs where some specific readings should trigger an escalation protocol because something may not be ‘normal’. That is the expected response.

Elizabeth’s answer to providing a name for her son was not readily accepted by her family and friends for one reason: ‘it did not follow a familiar trend’. This prompted them to move further to confirm this answer with Zechariah. The name ‘John’, which was rather different from the names in the family left their family and friends guessing as to what was in store for the lad and kept wondering: ‘what would this child become?’

To many, a name is just a name, but some names and affiliations are so strong that from the very moment a person possesses them, a specific set of expectations is placed on their shoulders and a definite path cut out for them to follow. Hence, John’s name unlike any other, no longer meant fitting in, but rather, leaving a mark. Not a matter of growing up to be like another, but treading along a path being carved out by God himself

Like John, our names also mean a specific identity and a mission unlike any other. It is therefore about time we stopped attempting to fit into the jacket society presents to us, and followed the path set for us by God

Remember # to thank God for the wonder of your being.


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