Monday, 11th June, 2018

Reference text: Matthew 10:7-13

Matthew 10:11 And into whatsoever city or town ye shall enter, enquire who in it is worthy; and there abide till ye go thence.

In any search, there needs to be a criteria used. Just like when querying for information from a large data base, one has to consciously make the effort to narrow the search window by using keywords and filters. This is something that will not come by accident, but has to be done intentionally.

When the disciples of Jesus entered a town, before pitching their tent and feeling at home, they were to seek out ‘one who was worthy’ and abide with them. Searching the whole city for a place to stay seemed an easy task until a specific requirement had to be met. Thus, making their choice of an abode a lot harder than it actually should be.

Beloved, even though we can make some decisions without needing a lot of analytical processing, any decision that relates to our relationship with others requires deep reflection to arrive at. Decisions on whose company we wish to be in, or with whom we wish to spend our time; whether in the short term or long term, are amongst those that need to be made only after careful prayer and thought because the people we stay around, do rub on us.

Therefore, don’t make compromises on your big decisions since very often, we make decisions due to the many pressures that bombard us from all sides. However, some decisions are so major that though they may take a while to seek and arrive at, the results are worth the wait. So like the disciples, take your time to search until you find because in seeking, you will find; so don’t compromise.

Remember # You may be in a hurry, but don’t trade quality just for speed.


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