SUNDAY: 10th June, 2018

Reference text: Mark 3:20-35

Mark 3:24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

Unlike in the movies around where one person takes on a team of about 10 bad guys and often manages to come out unscathed, those who know a little about battle tactics will understand that when on your own and having to do battle with a larger group, you stand a better chance of emerging victorious if you successfully divide the group up and fought them one-on-one.

It should therefore be no surprise to us that Jesus in speaking to his disciples today, alludes to the potency of ‘divide and conquer’. He makes reference to the ease with which any Kingdom will fall apart if it is divided in itself. In spite of this reality, sometimes one looks at the body of Christ and asks if it is indeed the same body with its many parts expected to function today?

There is so much disunity that it seems easier to break this body apart than to see it working together. It does not take anything grandiose to trigger breakdown, but the subtle seeds of discord, disunity and disagreement become the deep rooted trees of mistrust and doubt, in the presence of which no relationship can survive, much less thrive.

As written in Ecclesiastes 4:9, in many of the situations we encounter in life, ‘two is better than one’. Hence, walking in pairs, asking for advice and doing things together with others often provides better rewards. Beloved, the body of Christ is falling apart with constant division and it’s up to all of us in our own small way, to do something about it because a body not in harmony, is just a bomb awaiting detonation.

Remember # let’s join hands and not break bonds because in unity, lies strength.


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