Monday: 4th June, 2018

Reference text: Mark 12:1-12

Mark 12:2-3 And at the season he sent to the tenants a servant, that he might receive from the tenants of the fruit of the vineyard. And they caught him, and beat him, and sent him away empty handed.

When things have to be done by specific deadlines but for one reason of another, that target cannot be met and a delay becomes imminent, many people try to buy some extra time by employing a variety of different tactics. However, the intention of this is to have some more time to complete the task and not with the aim of abandoning it.

The same cannot be said of the tenants in the vineyard mentioned in the Gospel of Mark. Their intention for sending the servant back empty handed and beaten had nothing to do with buying time, but their greed. Yet, a good lawyer could begin to make a defence by stating that the reason for their actions was as ‘a consequence of being stressed due to a poor agricultural year’. Regardless, scripture reveals that the owner sent the first servant after waiting diligently till it was ‘due season’.

My dear, God may appear to be dragging his feet in holding us to account of the gifts and assignment He has placed in our care for this very same reason: it isn’t yet the due season for him to make request of fruits from us. Therefore, don’t get carried away and begin to have second thoughts like these tenants did by getting greedy and choosing to lay claim of the vineyard put into your care. Don’t forget that though a child of your father, you are also a ‘tenant’ who has been placed in a position of stewardship.

Remember # regarding the gifts of God you possess, you are in a position of stewardship, not ownership.


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