Sunday: 3rd June, 2018

Reference text: Psalm 116

Psalms 116:8 For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling.

During occasions like weddings or birthdays, many people give gifts and it is common practice to have the celebrants say thank you after the whole programme. On many occasions, the magnitude of thanks is often proportional to the size of the gift, hence; one who gives a car, will most likely be appreciated more than another who gives a cup. That is what we do as human- the more we receive, the more thankful we become.

Interestingly, this attitude also sometimes finds its way into our relationship with God causing us to take a number of the subtle things that He does in our lives for granted. Often, unless what we receive from his hand is an awe-inspiring breakthrough that puts us on a global map and into the spot light, we don’t see the need to show our appreciation.

However, for David, it was a different story. Some things which seem ‘ordinary’ to others, were worth being thankful for. To him, his life, his joy and the fact that he was guided, were big deals and they should also be for us. We should take our appreciation and thanksgiving to a whole new level where we offer them whenever we can, even for those things that no one else sees but us.

Sweetheart, if our giving of thanks was dependent only on the really big things that happened in our lives, then it will become apparent that many will never have any reason to give thanks because those massive breaks, that are clear for all to see and even suggest the giving of Thanks, may be uncommon. But like David, some of us have eyes free from tears and a reason to be joyful. Even if you don’t fit in that category, beloved you have life, and that my dear is worth being thankful for. So enough with the complaints and give some thanks.

Remember # some of the things we take for granted, are really big deals, so give some thanks.


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