Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Reference text: Acts 9: 31-42

Acts 9:36 Now there was at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Dorcas: this woman was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did.

Many of the respondents may have no knowledge of this fact, but I vividly recall and have an album of the one time I sent out a questionnaire to some friends with one question on it while at University. The question was: ‘what will you remember me for?’ It was one of those days that the thought just occurred to me to want to catch up on how I have been towards God and to other people, looking through the eyes of others.

From the text read in the Acts of the Apostles, Dorcas was known for her good deeds. That was her hallmark such that even in her death, it was the one thing she was remembered for. This is in no way intended to give any ‘pressure’ to want to get in everybody’s good books, rather it is a challenge to consider at a very personal level ‘what mark you will leave behind when your time on earth is done?’

It is a call to ponder on what the subject of discussion is likely to be whenever your name comes up? This has nothing to do with preparing for death, but rather everything to do with living and how we do it. My dear, leaving a legacy has very little to do with only doing something big and extraordinary, it often comes down to doing something considered little, with a lot of love.

That is the typical me. I may not have millions to give out but I am certain of the heart I have and with that, I am able to reach out to others and know that as small as it maybe, I leave a mark. So, what is it that you have to make an impact on others with? It doesn’t have to be something unheard of, but an execution of the normal things in life with greater enthusiasm and a heart full of love. That is the start of a legacy.

Remember # it isn’t just about how much you love, but how well you love.


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