Reference text: Acts 9:1-20

Acts 9:16 For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake.

Truth must be told, Yes, but sometimes the very blunt communication of it can have rather unpleasant effects. The nature of God is one that often leaves us wondering ‘how could He say or even do that’. Paul was not even a day old into ministry and the intention of God is to reveal to him the things he must suffer.

The look on my face and the words running through my mind as I read those words were: ‘yay! way to go with that one because that’s a very good way of seeking people to be in your service – telling them with a straight face that they will experience suffering’. That was me being ironic because the preferred option which seems to almost always do the trick would have been the promises of fame, riches and wealth. Yet, as unconventional as God was, He managed to recruit Paul into His Evangelisation team, and what a good steal that turned out to be.

One thing I know: when you want someone to walk hand in hand with you, you tell them where you intend to go, what their role could be and what they could expect. And even though it may appear counterproductive, making others aware of all the possibilities associated with any decision they make can actually help with their decision making.

Even with the promise of suffering, Paul said Yes to God and at the end of his ministry, came to the conclusion that on any other day, He would trade everything to make the same decision. Beloved, God will reveal to you all the variables at play when making his pitch to you – not just the nice sounding promises, but also the real possibility of ‘suffering’. However, at the end of it all, a glorious crown awaits so do not be scared off from saying yes to Him.

Remember # a harsh truth will have a much better effect than a sugar coated lie.


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