Tuesday : 10th April, 2018

Reference text: John 3:7b-15

John 3:10 Jesus replied: How can you be a teacher of Israel and not know these things?

Coming back from a trip to Poland, I just received the clearest experience of what it feels like to know or understand nothing about what others are saying. For me in that setting, it was ‘okay’ that I could clearly communicate my lack of knowledge or understanding about an entirely new language so I can be pardoned. Yet, in the case of Nicodemus, Jesus appeared clearly disappointed.

That may seem like a strong reaction to ‘I don’t know’, because in a very literal way, Jesus questioned the credentials of Nicodemus for the office he was wielding as a teacher of Israel. However harsh that appears, given the position he occupied, there was absolutely no room for ignorance. It is the same with us hence the biggest problem of the believer is not the temptation to sin, but the lack of information.

Nicodemus was a teacher of Israel and in the eyes of Jesus, there were some things He definitely needed to know.
In a broader sense, not only do we need to have knowledge about the things that are spiritual, but some others that we need for our daily living. We can rephrase Jesus’ words to Nicodemus with two gaps that can be filled with very many different options: ‘How can you___and not___.

We could even choose to make a case for Nicodemus that too much was being demanded from him. However, a closer look at the words of Jesus actually suggest that his requirements were the bare minimum and for that, we can offer no excuses. Simply put, depending on where you find yourself, your list will likely be different, but there are some things we are not ‘permitted’ to be ignorant of.

Remember # information is still the key


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