Easter Wednesday: 4th April, 2018

Reference text : Acts 3:1-10

Acts 3:10 They knew he was the beggar who had been lying beside the Beautiful Gate, and they were completely surprised. They could not imagine what had happened to the man.

I came across an article in a local newspaper during the Easter period about the whole ‘Easter thing’, in particular the resurrection. I was so drawn to its contents that I forwarded it a couple of times. One statement that stood out was this: ‘The illogicality of the resurrection story is not a design flaw, it is a design feature’. So to put this in other words, the very fact that we are unable to entirely wrap our minds around a concept as the resurrection, means it is meant to be so.

In the account found in the Acts of the Apostles read today, such was the experience of the people who couldn’t help but remain astonished and amazed. They were ‘stunned’ into silence and utterly helpless at any attempts to put forth an explanation for what had happened to the cripple. Hence a deduction: though faith and reason may journey together, often, there is that point in time when faith and belief transcends logic and intellect.

Humans, as inherently curious creatures, seek to be able to make sense of everything that happens in their world and rightly so because to actually have ‘dominion’ as God has given to us, requires some knowledge of what happens around us and to be on top of our game. Thus, any situations that appear to expose our very own inadequacies and inabilities; or to which we cannot offer any logical explanations, are deemed ‘bizarre’.

Beloved, however we see it, man remains a creature of God and a permanent student in God’s classroom – we will have to keep learning from Him till that moment when we see him face to face. So never for one moment think that you have seen and heard it all because then, you will witness marvels and wonders for which you will be unable to offer explanations. That is where faith is needed, the faith to see impossibilities in the eyes of men as certainties because you are looking through the scope of God’s lenses, with whom impossibility does not exist.

Remember # the inexplicability of ‘everything’ is not a design flaw, but a design feature.


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