Easter Tuesday: 3rd April, 2018

Reference Text: John 2:11-18

John 20:14 And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

When any one is busy crying their hearts out, there is still the possibility of receiving an input that can reverse the effects of those tears. So literally, you can shut off weeping with a much stronger stimulus from the brain. This is science because the emotion control centre of the brain is fed by memory and thinking- thus an alternative input from the same memory centre can change one’s emotional state as we see in the encounter between Jesus and Mary.

What is fascinating about this episode is the near perfect transition from ‘two strangers’ to the ‘Eureka! I remember you’ moment. Mary went from calling Jesus, Sir, to referring to him as ‘Rabboni’; but she needed some help from Jesus. The reason she did was because she was weeping and although crying has been proven to have many biological benefits to the body, bearing in mind that it draws from memory and thinking, it can also be an impediment.

Thus, Mary’s teary eyes made it impossible to recognise the Jesus she had journeyed with all this time. Sweetheart, tears are good, but don’t make them your bread and butter- something you require a daily dose of to get your point across. Babies choose crying to get attention because that is the only means of communication known to them, you on the other hand cannot offer the same excuse as the reason for your tears.

When Jesus calls your name, like Mary experienced, dry your eyes and say what you need to say to Him. He does not call out to you just to listen to the sound of your tears- He wants to do something about them and that means you have to do some talking; more specifically, SOME PRAYING. For Mary, the resurrection and finding Jesus were the reasons she needed to stop crying- whatever your current situation, may the risen Christ give you the reasons you also need to cry no more.

Remember # there is more you can do than just weeping.


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