Holy Saturday: 31st March, 2018

Reference text: Mark 16:1-7

Mark 16:4 And looking up, they saw that the stone had been rolled away, although it was extremely large.

I like the use of emphasis because they highlight the key details of a situation that we often appear to miss out on. The Gospel today has the story of three women enroute to the tomb of Jesus contemplating only one thing as they went: ‘who will roll the stone away for us?’ Saint Mark then does his best to enhance the image available by emphasising the nature of the stone at the entrance to the tomb and in his words, ‘it was very big’.

Interestingly, despite knowing this fact, and the possibility of being unable to roll away this big stone, somehow nothing prevented Mary, Mary of Magdala and Salome from undertaking the trip. It seemed as though their feet and minds were not in syncrony because while their minds were debating their odds of success on their journey, their feet kept moving forward towards their destination.

The reward received for pushing forward considering all the factors in place was ‘the big stone was already rolled away- their path was cleared.’ You could argue that this was just a coincidence because Jesus was to rise on the third day, but beyond this, there is a visible image of a God who responds to faith. When we make up our minds to move, He is more than able and willing to go before us and make sure that the path on which we intend to travel, is free of any obstacles that will hinder our forward motion.

In effect, when we take steps of faith, God makes our journey as hassle free as possible. This however, will not necessarily mean the total absence of any challenges because even when the women made it into the Tomb, they got afraid. We will still have some things that will seemingly beset us, but as long as we follow in the footsteps of our father, we will always be assured of arriving at our intended destination.

Remember # God is ready to clear the path if you are ready to march forward.


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