Reference text: Mark 5:1-20

Mark 5:15 And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.

I know for a fact that many people will be afraid when they encounter an unfamiliar situation that ‘threatens them’. Therefore, I am still considering the reason why the people in the Gadarenes became afraid when they saw the demon possessed man in his right mind because as far as I know, being in one’s right mind as a human being is the normal. Sadly, the roles were so reversed in the life of this man that being in his right mind, sitting and clothed was seen as the abnormality.

For some people, society sees them as only fit and suitable for ‘nothing good’. The world sees them as made for disappointment, failure, pain and a general lack of everything: peace of mind, joy, good relationships and a healthy life; as such, these are perceived as ‘their’ normal. Hence, any deviation in the positive direction away from the shackles of these limits is questioned, as in the case of the demonic in today’s Gospel. It seemed society expected him to be ‘out of his mind’ all the days of his life.

My dear, you are very much entitled to the good and perfect stature that every child of God ought to enjoy regardless of the negative connotations and characteristics society may believe to be ‘made for you’. Your encounter with Jesus rewrote your entire story, and if you reading this, are yet to encounter the man Jesus, I assure you: “that one meeting, will change the course of your whole life”.

Society will no longer see you in the light of their narrow and myopic limits, because you will receive a brand new change of garments and an associated complete overhaul in your life where testifying of the Lords goodness to you will become the order of your day.

Remember # Your story has not been, cannot be and will not be the same, from the you moment you encounter Jesus.


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