Reference text: Psalm 138

Psalms 138:1 I will praise thee with my whole heart: before the gods will I sing praise unto thee.

Any time I take a Psalm to read, regardless of what it is about: be it thanksgiving, forgiveness, praise or supplication; even as a human- I can feel something as I read. The feeling may be hard to describe in words but one can sense that feeling of ‘this is rather personal’. Each and every one of the hundred and fifty Psalms is able to strike a different personal chord in the heart of each of us such that if we were the recipients of those words, we will be moved to respond.

I have been reading a book by Charles H. Spurgeon titled ‘True prayer, True power’ and the opening chapters posed a set of questions that I believe were worth our consideration. I gathered one simple question: what is prayer to you? A necessity? An option? A relationship? All of the above or even None of the above?

It may be hard to admit but the stark reality facing the world of believers is the fact that for the majority of us, “prayer has become a mechanical activity” – we spew out words from our lips, yet there is no object of our prayers, neither is there any earnestness sensed from within them. In Spurgeon’s words: ‘we make cold- hearted prayers that die upon the lips- frozen supplications. They do not move men’s hearts, how should they move God’s heart?’

Those words qualify for an ‘ouch’ – they hurt, but it is a truth we have to accept before any efforts can be made to get better. The fact is if we are not truly earnest in prayer, then we have no right to hope that the Lord will answer our prayer because we are treating it like a gamble- a hit or loss. My dear, it’s about time we got serious with our prayer lives and begin making real earnest prayers.

Remember # stop making frozen supplications and quit treating prayer as a gamble


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